Intuition is reading the air

Growing up, whenever Mom had some kind of seemingly magical ability to call someone when they were thinking about them, or anticipate events, we would exclaim, “Hungarian intuition”.  She is Hungarian, and folklore is that Hungarians have amazing intuition.  I am half Hungarian and share in the gene pool of strong intuition but I know that you need not be Hungarian to cultivate the intuition talent.  I think that common ground plays a big role in intuition.  Common Ground is all that you share with others around you, be it cultural knowledge, familial knowledge, shared experiences, food, music, experience.  We use it all the time when we are speaking to others around us.  With people you know really well, you share a great deal of common ground and you draw upon that knowledge without thinking about it.  At times, when you are really intuitive, you draw upon such deeply unearthed information, that it is almost as if you are reading the air.  I mean that you are unconsciously taking in cues from all around you, scent, pauses in speech, positioning of the eyes, leaning of the body, all without knowing it so that when you draw an inference about what the other person is saying and you in turn say something that is intuitive, you are exhibiting one of the most beautiful human capacities.  We have an intense ability to observe, take in volumes of information of all types – physical and ethereal – all in an instant, process it and have that sudden knowing of something that appears at the surface to be impossible to have known.  But we do know, we all have a profound ability to know if we are receptive to reading the air.


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