My mind needs to travel

When I am learning something new I am very engaged and fascinated with the topic.  When whatever I have learned becomes rote, however, I lose my passion.  Is this what happens when processes become automatic?  We can go through the actions without really thinking, without any passion?  I imagine there are many people who are this way, restless as I always describe myself.  Restless to get stimulated by something new and different that forces me to learn and grow.  What if my passion is not one thing, but really my passion is everything? Am I destined to be such a generalist that I know nothing really about everything?  Or do I pick a few things and see how deep I get before I move on to the next thing?  After the fact I seem to always find a connective link between the areas that I choose to dive into.  I may float from area to area but there is a common theme of relationships and communication, language and human behavior.  As a friend said to me, I have a book inside me.  I just have not yet figured out the all-encompassing topic.

I suspect some people who are always traveling share some of this impatient nature.  They move around all the time because they are craving and physically searching for something that they cannot articulate.  I do not have the need to travel to get the stimulation.  Quite the opposite, I need the stability, peace, serenity and love that my home base and family provide.  My mind, however, needs to travel.  My passion is that journey.


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