The high of presenting

There is a high that I get when I am in my element in front of a group of people doing a presentation.  The sensation is a sign that I am at my core in my most powerful state of presence, and fully revealing all that is unique to me.  I probably have not sought out these opportunities as much as would be beneficial to me, and that is probably due to the incredible demands of energy and resource the process requires.  Yet I am reminded each time when I am in front of the room that engaging with others is my oxygen.

I love the feeling when I have something to share with others and they understand what I am saying and are in some way impacted by my words.  Thus I have been successful in my act of speech.  It is an awesome experience for me, probably varied in the intensity of the experience for the other person, but at its core, it is just the simple act of communicating.  I am drawn to the psychology of language and communication because of what appears as a rather mundane and automatic cognitive process on the surface is really much more.  One person speaks, the other receives the information, processes the information and gets meaning all in an instant.  An amazing and powerful act of sharing between two (or more) people has occurred.

The “aha” of comprehension and connecting in a group setting has another element that adds to the depth of my experience.  At some energetic level, the act of speech becomes much more than sharing of words.  Standing in front of a number of people, I feel as if my arms are wrapping around the entire room in a warm embrace, so that I am not just imparting words, I am sharing my whole being and almost physically linking.  I am exchanging and baring my inner passion, my beauty, my peace, my love and in return I receive a high.  The high is a sign that I am present and alive and humbled by human connection.


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