Gnilcycer: Recycling In Roosevelt, New Jersey

Andy's RecyclingA few weeks ago I was talking with my family at my Mom’s 80th birthday party (which was wonderful) and I mentioned that my memory of when I was young is very dim. There are, however, memories that vividly and suddenly come back to me. They are usually prompted by something happening to me in that moment. This morning I had such an experience. My husband Andy was getting the recycling together and the sight of him tying twine around newspapers propelled me to my childhood in the late 60s when, with my brother Erik, we started Gnilcycer in our hometown of Roosevelt, NJ.

Gnilcycer is recycling spelled backwards and was the title we used for our collection of paper, bottles and cans—well before towns and cities had set up recycling programs. My brother was always creative with names so I am pretty sure he made that one up. (He also made up my company name Wondrance).

These days Andy keeps a big ball of twine and a pretty bright red scissors with our recycling basket and periodically wraps up the paper when it has grown into a high heap. He has been doing this for years but for some reason, this morning as I gazed at Andy’s beautifully twined- tied packages of newspaper, flashbacks of organizing stacks of paper, bins of bottles and cans as a girl came rushing into my focus.

My Dad, Erik and Me circa late 60s at Hights Theater
My Dad, Erik and Me circa late 60s at Hights Theater

I can’t recall whether we collected the recycling ourselves or whether people dropped it off—I think it might have been both—but I do have distinct images of our collection building. It was a garage behind the Roosevelt Nursery School on Homestead Lane just down the street from our house. Erik and I spent a lot of time behind the nursery school separating paper and cans and bottles into different piles. Then we put everything into a van to take to a big recycling factory. My dad drove us in the Green Monster, a funky old van painted pastel green. I wish I had a photo of that van. It was clearly painted with glossy regular wall paint—not professional car paint. But it was perfect for tasks like hauling recycling and also apparently a family of four from New Jersey to Florida. I only vaguely remember that Florida trip but images of the Green Monster are clear.

Hauling the recycling materials to the Freehold processing plant in the Green Monster was an exciting trip. We got to see the behind the scenes of recycling and felt so wonderful playing a small role in reducing waste. And to say that recycling is important to me is an understatement. That early experience set me up for a lifetime of devotion to recycling. Recycling has grown into an expected part of life now, but I remember with fondness each stage of the recycling movement and how I personally dealt with recycling wherever I have lived.

In the late 70s, towns and cities started to gather recycling from homes, but before that, there were only drop-off locations like Gnilcycer. It wasn’t until the 80s that curbside recycling started to really grow in the US and it took a few decades before it was widespread. New Jersey, it turns out, was an early recycling focused state. Woodbury, NJ was the first city in the US to mandate recycling in 1980, setting a precedent for the rest of the country. These days there are garbage and recycling bins available everywhere in public spaces and the types of materials that are recycled has expanded. I am grateful to my child-self and my family for my recycling mindset and wonderful memories.

XOXO Rachel


Unlocking creativity through connections

Inspiration in shadowsI have been on what feels like a whirlwind tour the past few weeks that all started with one introduction.  I work with a wonderful coach Melanie DewBerry-Jones ( who introduced me to the dating coach Sandy Weiner (  Melanie had been a guest on Sandy’s radio show and she thought that Sandy might be interested in me as a future guest.

I spoke with Sandy and in addition to discussing being on her radio show in a few months, she suggested that I speak with another woman, Jane Pollak ( because Jane was just about to start a community for women entrepreneurs.  Sandy and Jane are both based in Connecticut and I am not far from them in New York.  Although location really doesn’t matter these days because so much of communication and connection is virtual, I liked the sense that they were physically nearby.  Many in my community of coaches are in California.

I had a short 15-minute conversation with Jane and immediately had an “aha” moment that set my creativity on fire.  I signed up for her “Soul Proprietor” community and the same day synchronistically received an unrelated email about an entrepreneur speaker series (  Since that first introduction to Sandy just three weeks ago, almost by magic, my creativity is in motion.

Creativity boardEmotionally I have re-arranged the space in my head and physically I have changed my surroundings to let my imagination loose.  Andy and I moved my office desk and other furniture to support my new energy needs.  I got a beautiful memo board and file holder that are magnetic and allow me to keep images and items of inspiration and color available for each moment.  I have been listening to speakers about energy work, abundance, tapping into authenticity, creating websites, meditation and my mind is overflowing with ideas that I will bring to my own business as a Wedding Officiant and Life-Cycle Celebrant.  All it took was one soulful connection to let my resourcefulness run wild.  Who will show up in your life to rev your juices?