Texture is essential

I have always found that the texture of objects is critical to how I interact with the world.  As a child I would rub the seam of a pillow to comfort myself while I drifted off to sleep.  Though I no longer do that, I still find myself drawn to the texture of objects and nature.  I always have the urge to pick up everything to hold in my hand and feel the shape, form, texture, as if in some way I might understand it better through touch.  I love fabric of all kinds, and I am drawn to clothes as much if not more by texture than color.  (I love words! Fabric and texture are oh, such amazing words.  They can convey different concepts if used in different contexts or they can be used intentionally to have double meanings.)

My need for texture goes beyond objects to people.  When I am interacting with people, I like to physically connect with them.  As I explained in an earlier post (Jersey girls and boys – what is it about sharing context?), my Jersey roots (or should it be Jersey “routes” in homage to the roads of New Jersey?) drive me to gently nudge others with my elbow.  I do this to create texture, with all the double meaning to my communication.  I may not literally feel their clothes or skin but I touch them to create another texture or layer of connection that creates a richer fabric of experience in that moment.  It is as if for me texture provides depth and richness that brings me to life, awakens my true inner presence that is natural for me, unique to me and required for me to feel peaceful and lovingly connected to everything.