RML03.08.22On my journey to integrate all that I can bring to the world in a way that is deeply fulfilling to me and of service to others, I have tried on many roles, many outfits, so to speak.  I was drawn to biology early on because of my interest in research and medicine that shifted to my desire to understanding human behavior. Understanding human behavior remained the thread that led me to study how people communicate and connect and thus I became a professor of psycholinguistics.  Lecturing, presenting and teaching became a critical part of my craft that then transformed from academia to corporate America.

However my work has been manifested over the years, I have remained in awe of the way people connect, through words, body language, glances, and acts of kindness and have never quite figured out how to fully integrate that love of connection into my work. Working with life coaches over the years, it became clearer to me that my core values of love, beauty and peace although ever present in me no matter what my vocation, needed a more primary presence.

Peace to me represents a tranquility that the world needs in all aspects of life, from the micro-level of individual, inner, meditative calm to the grander political and cultural desire for peace among countries.

Beauty is my sense of the awesomeness of the physical world that surrounds us, be it the clouds in the sky or the flowers in the earth or the smiling eyes of human and animal faces.

Love is the glory of being in this world where we can touch and connect and feel the electric gravitational pulse between all creatures and living things.  To bring these values front and center in my life, I have launched my own business: I am an executive coach, personal and couples coach as well as a wedding officiant and Life-Cycle Celebrant®.  In this blog, I explore all of my fascination with language, connection and the world around me.  I dig into some past memories and I share my perspective and hope for love, beauty and peace to permeate everywhere.

XOXO Rachel


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